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You're talking about politics as if I give a crap, and virtually everything you're saying is the exact opposite of what I believe. For instance, spending six hours on a video game is six hours' worth of eye-to-eye social contact that gets thrown out the window, along with crucial lessons on not only how to speak around other people, but how to read and give off body language -- that is, the social lessons that will go further toward dictating success in life than any schoolwork will. Homepage or Category page. So it's kind of a Catch for an adult, because obviously the time to tell kids about drugs, STDs, etc. You're trying to dress me in your clothes, make me talk and act like you

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They hear, "One day, there's a possibility that people may ask you to do things that are against your beliefs. They may try to get you to do things you said you'd never do. Advertisement 5 "You Don't Understand Me! And in turn, teens haven't lived long enough to witness with their own eyes and ears not just listen to a lecture about the perpetual cycle of identical thoughts and feelings among that age group, regardless of their differences in pop culture or what style of cloth they use to cover their floppy parts. I decided long ago that I was going to wait for marriage before I had sex, yet here you are with a condom and a banana, looking like the lecture you're about to give will get your name on a government watch list.

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