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But what did she see? In "Insatiable", Allison is fatally stabbed by the Oni. Riddled Lydia and Aiden are at the school late a night so she can draw him. The end is officially nigh for Teen Wolf. He and Hayden then discover that Theo remembers Stiles, convincing them to keep Theo above ground. That evil deity theory sounds interesting though. She can hear the echoes of the people who died there.

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The doctor opens her mouth and emits a high-pitched train sound.

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Scott later takes his mom's advice to bring hope for his Pack. Their relationship overtime begins to improve, with the two starting to fall for each other. After eight years as a coyote in the wild, Malia is very in touch with her animal side, is rather brash, quick to fight, and tends to speak her mind. She can hear the echoes of the people who died there. After Lydia reasons with Lenore, Scott and the others are allowed to leave. Could that be Paige?

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