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One last thought—and this is something you spoke about earlier—is how few of the big, important movies of the last decade have sex scenes. I'm not really comfortable calling it a sex scene; if the genders had been reversed, it would be a rape scene, no ambiguity at all. It's suspenseful, well acted—and not just by Close, either; Douglas is pretty great, too—and beautifully shot. Disclosure isn't a bad movie, but arguably more than any blockbuster of the s, it's one very much of its time. The film, though, and I saved this bit for last, cheats when it runs out of steam and becomes something else altogether. In a film that was, in theory, about a man being oppressed by a woman, it's perhaps telling that the character who ends up making the more complicated choices is the wife of that man. The emphasis on oral sex as "not really sex" was no doubt reassuring for Bill Clinton several years later, but then the horror movie lighting raises the question of what that scene is, if it isn't sex.

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The very first time, I was made so uncomfortable by the movie I thought I hated it.

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Michael Douglas Keeps Controversy (and Passion) Sizzling In `Disclosure'

The president of the company Donald Sutherland, at his most unctuous is giving it to an "outsider," who turns out to be Demi Moore, with whom Douglas had "a thing" some years earlier. May 8, Chris Hicks: In addition to being a, um, unique interior decorating choice, it also parallels weirdly with a bas-relief of Pallas Athena in Tom's office. One interesting thing about that long living room take: During a steamy session of overtime, she makes a pass at him. Back to the opening:

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